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Blazing fast internet for Kooskia, Kamiah, Stites, and Surrounding Areas

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AirBridge Broadband is dedicated to bringing blazing fast internet to the residents of Idaho County.
Our plans start at an incredibe 10 Mbps. Wow!

Just because you live in the country does not mean you cannot enjoy "big city" internet speeds!

With the speeds that our plans provide, you will be able to stream Netflix in 4K, throw away your landline and save some serious cash by converting to VOIP ("Voice Over Internet Protocol), and enable multipe family members to view YouTube videos at the same exact time.

We are also happy to announce that we have recently launched ... a 100% Free Classifieds Listing Service that serves residents of Kamiah, Kooskia, Grangeville, Orofino, Lewiston, and surrounding areas.



10 Mbps

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30 Mbps

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